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Good News for Coffee Lovers: Another Health Benefit Revealed

Published September 14, 2018

The coffee industry is big business. From single-serve coffee pods to global coffeehouse chains, people worldwide can count on a variety of options to get their daily caffeine fix. From helping to jump-start the morning, sharpening focus throughout the midafternoon slump, or just enjoying a few moments of warm aromatic bliss, there are many reasons why we all seem to love this richly flavored brew. However, health experts have long questioned whether the regular imbibing of coffee is healthy or unhealthy, with long lists that point in both directions. Fortunately for coffee lovers, a new study found yet another reason to stay on the coffee bandwagon, showing that it may help lower inflammation in the body. While there are other factors to consider and discuss with your doctor before making a decision to keep on with your regular coffee habit, this is likely good news for most coffee drinkers. Read more…

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  • Wow, where do I begin? I was a post­menopausal fifty­three year old who had a lifetime of physical activity, and when rheumatoid arthritis attacked me with a vengeance it literally crippled me within months. I could no longer do any normal everyday activities that we take for granted, such as dressing, bathing and combing your hair, not to mention opening…Read More
  • At the age of fifty-nine I felt like an old man, so I called Dr. Alicia Stanton leaving a message with a request for an appointment. That was the day of my 60th birthday and, in my opinion, the day of my re-birth. Now, at the age of sixty-eight and thank you to Dr. Anita Petruzzelli who has taken over Dr.…Read More
  • "Since I became a patient of Dr. Petruzellis and FINALLY found someone who could balance my hormones, I HAVE FELT BETTER THAN I DID WHEN I WAS 20!!! I swear this is true!! Because of her diagnostic genius, the level of bio identical hormones she has fine tuned to my individual needs have changed my life and restored me to…Read More


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