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Banish Belly Fat by Balancing Hormones

Published May 12, 2018

Many people think that losing weight is just a matter of willpower. Having the strength to diet is often a key component of weight loss, as is getting in the habit of exercising. But willpower isn’t the only thing that you must have in order to lose weight. You must also have balanced hormones so that you aren’t working against your body. A hormonal imbalance is often the reason for people reaching a weight loss plateau and being unable to lose weight. Oddly enough, crash diets, extreme workouts, and other forms of fad weight loss plans could be partially responsible for throwing your hormone balance off in the first place. The solution is not to try harder but to try smarter—with a targeted plan to restore balance and allow for gentle, healthy weight loss. Resetting your hormones is possible, even if you’ve been overweight for years. You just have to learn how. Read more…

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  • Wow, where do I begin? I was a post­menopausal fifty­three year old who had a lifetime of physical activity, and when rheumatoid arthritis attacked me with a vengeance it literally crippled me within months. I could no longer do any normal everyday activities that we take for granted, such as dressing, bathing and combing your hair, not to mention opening…Read More
  • At the age of fifty-nine I felt like an old man, so I called Dr. Alicia Stanton leaving a message with a request for an appointment. That was the day of my 60th birthday and, in my opinion, the day of my re-birth. Now, at the age of sixty-eight and thank you to Dr. Anita Petruzzelli who has taken over Dr.…Read More
  • "Since I became a patient of Dr. Petruzellis and FINALLY found someone who could balance my hormones, I HAVE FELT BETTER THAN I DID WHEN I WAS 20!!! I swear this is true!! Because of her diagnostic genius, the level of bio identical hormones she has fine tuned to my individual needs have changed my life and restored me to…Read More


August 13, 2019

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